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Patrick Towles, former QB at Highlands High School, the University of Kentucky and Boston College and then FOCUS Missionary, shares his story with the 5 Louisville KY area High School football teams at the SportsLeader Rosary Rally July 31, 2019. He talks about his football career, his highs and... Read more
Jesus, the preeminent catechist and evangelizer, met people wherever they were on their life’s journey and helped them grow in virtue and brought them closer to God and Eternal Life with Him. As Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, I share in this responsibility, particularly with the young people... Read more
The purpose of SportsLeader is to transform the culture of sports by forming coaches, athletes and parents in virtuous behavior. We have 15 years of experience doing this with many inspiring stories. Here is another example. Cincinnati St Gertrude just had their Coaches Appreciation Dinner where... Read more
Why is Catholic Identity one of the four pillars of SportsLeader? The beauty of the Catholic Church is different, it is “other”, it is unique. So is being a Champion. The Champion is not like any other team. They are different, “other”, unique. As a team, do you want to be... Read more
SportsLeader has partnered with Dioceses, Universities, Schools and Parishes across the USA and Mexico. Don't see your State in red? You could be the first partner. Call us today... Read more
Matthew Kelly and the The Dynamic Catholic Institute have researched and found that 85% of youth who are Confirmed no longer practice the faith seven years after their Confirmation. So if you have 1,000 children at your parish or school … according to these stats we can expect only 150 of... Read more
Father Jonathan Meyer is a Priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He is also a Coach. His witness is very inspiring. We can all make this impact while we are coaching IF we are convicted Christians. How can I live this better? To subscribe to our daily Gospel Reflections please click here ... Read more
We are happy to announce a new partner: The Archdiocese of Indianapolis. In the video below, Bruce Scifres, Executive Director for the CYO of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, IN shares his experience of the program and that they will be bringing the SportsLeader program to all of their 6,000... Read more
Two of the main pillars of SportsLeader are mentoring and Catholic Identity. This is an outstanding video from Father Rob Ketcham, the chaplain of Saint John the Baptist Diocesan High School in New York, geared for high school students on up. He shares how we need to create-inspire-encourage a... Read more
We strongly recommend that you show this video to all of your students, coaches, teachers and families. This is an outstanding video for the virtue of the week for this coming week: Faithful. Jim Caviezel (Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ", Edmond Dantes in "The Count of Monte... Read more
Happy Thanksgiving! Thank You, Lord, for all of the blessings You have graced us with in this past year. We are so grateful to all of the Bishops, Priests, Superintendents, Principals, Athletic Directors, Directors of Sports Ministry, Coaches, Athletes, Parents, Campus Ministers, Benefactors and... Read more
Virtue formation is the first pillar of SportsLeader. The key to this pillar: If athletes are taught to love the grind of developing good habits (virtue formation), they will eventually discover that the process will love themselves and the team back in personal strength and maximum team success... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Helping Catholic institutions strengthen their Catholic Identity is one of our strengths. This testimonial shows how we are transforming the culture of sports. May God bless you. Virtue = Strength SportsLeader Faith, Family and Football By Jenn Lyke Just as biological families... Read more
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The SportsLeader family all across the country has always teamed up to help one another in times of need. We have another urgent plea for help. One of our newest partner schools in California, Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, has suffered severe damage due to the recent fires. Nearly half... Read more
We are truly grateful for the tremendous prayer and email response for Coach Darin Fontz. Darin passed away shortly after our last email was sent. Your emails were read to him at his bedside and it truly uplifted him. People from all over the country responded, from D1 National Championship Coaches... Read more
This is an outstanding interview which is well worth your time. Please share this with all of your students. We need to build the culture of being a professional athlete who is proud of their Catholic faith. May God bless you. Virtue = Strength SportsLeader Paul Posluszny IN PERSON | SEP. 5, 2017... Read more
One of the beautiful aspects of SportsLeader is the community-family we have created throughout our partner schools. We have a coach-family-school-community in much need of prayer right now: Darin Fontz of E.D. White Catholic High School in Thibodaux, LA. If you would like to send a message of... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in This video is must see material. One minute in length but a lifetime of perspective and truth. A refreshing reminder to the hierarchy of values in life. May God bless you. Virtue = Strength SportsLeader Sarunas Jasikevicius, the coach of Zalgiris, a Lithuanian basketball team,... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Heather Moody is the Head Water Polo Coach at St Francis High School, an all-girls Catholic high school in Sacramento, CA. She brings an international resume to the Troubadour program both as a player and a coach. She is a two-time Olympic medalist, winning a Silver Medal at... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Fr Chase Hilgenbrinck, former professional soccer player and now a Priest of the diocese of Peoria, IL, serving at the University of Illinois St John Newman Center, was one of our keynote speakers at our last SportsLeader Conference. He gave us a powerful message to really dig... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville, KY began partnering with SportsLeader last year. Since then they have held a pre-season retreat for all of their sports teams at the beginning of each season, a rosary rally for all teams in each season, plus many, many other elements. We had... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader's main purpose, it's WHY, is to help people come closer to Christ and hopefully eternal life with Him, through sports. Our hope is to partner with Dioceses across the world to help reach as many people as possible. The Diocese of Harrisburg, PA, is one of... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville, IL is one of SportsLeader's newest partner schools. Here is some feedback and testimonials on their experience thus far. Be assured of our prayers for a blessed, prayerful and transforming Holy Week. Virtue = Strength SportsLeader... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Please share this article with all of your coaches, players and parents. In our "me, me, me" world, this is a heroic testimonial to virtue. This article is an excellent addition to the material for next week's virtue of Resiliency. If you are not partnering with... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in We hope this short story inspires you to embrace your mission of being a Catholic Christian leader with ever more passion, hope and urgency. Virtue = Strength SportsLeader A Tale of Two Coaches Once there were two coaches who had lived long lives. They had both coached for many... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in There are so many inspiring things happening all over the country through SportsLeader. Here are some of the most recent. Follow us on Twitter for more updates and photos. Virtue = Strength, SportsLeader Seton LaSalle High School Pittsburgh, PA From Meloni DiPietro-Guthoerl... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Each month SportsLeader prays a novena, which is 9 consecutive days of prayer. Today is Day 1 of our March novena. We will be praying the Novena through and including Thursday March 9. If you would like to receive a daily reminder about the novena please respond to this email... Read more
This week we would like to share a column written by one of our Diocesan Directors of Sports Ministry, Jim Gontis, of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Jim is leading the charge helping all seven of their high schools integrate the SportsLeader program into their teams. Let's continue to be more... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Our world right now is in desperate need of virtue formation. Especially our young people. Almost daily we see more and more protests that are ending in violence, name-calling, hatred and further division. We are losing the capacity to calmly disagree with someone and talk... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Click on the image to watch a sample workout complete with reflections. Lent is about one month away. Last year we launched The SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout and it exploded across the USA and Canada. Every Lent the Church encourages us to pray the Stations of the... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in This homily will move your heart, are you ready? If you would like to listen to the podcast click here Fr John Riccardo, Pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth Michigan, a SportsLeader partner parish, delivers his Midnight Christmas Mass Homily. Fr. Riccardo shares:... Read more
Mother Teresa's 15 Tips to Help You Become More Humble by Patti Armstrong, National Catholic Register The world does not value or understand the power of humility but we do, because it was what Jesus used to save us. Good self-esteem is confidence in one's worth or abilities. Think about... Read more
The SportsLeader Advent Mass Challenge is spreading across the world. Join the Movement! Click here for the videos to help you inspire your community. Kevin Bankos and the York Catholic Girls Basketball Team after the 5:30 PM Mass at St Mary's in York, PA Much has been made of people kneeling... Read more
SportsLeader would like to invite you to participate in a new challenge this month. We have created the Advent Mass Challenge where we would like to encourage all coaches, teachers and campus ministers to challenge all their students to go to Mass every Sunday this Advent. Advent is a wonderful and... Read more
Welcome to Week 1 of our SportsLeader Advent Mass Challenge! The goal is to encourage-invite-inspire all of our young people and their families to go to Mass every Sunday of Advent. Every week we will feature a short video from Fr Chase Hilgenbrinck, former professional soccer player, inviting our... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader would like to invite you to participate in a new challenge this month. In just a few days, we start the season of Advent. We would like to encourage all sports teams and extracurricular groups to go to Sunday Mass together every Sunday of Advent. The four Sundays... Read more
SportsLeader wants to help schools, parishes and leagues be the witness our world so desperately needs. Our second annual international conference is just 3 weeks away. Click here to register for the conference. Here is one of the presentations from our first conference. Click on image to watch... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Every month the SportsLeader team prays a novena to draw ourselves and everyone we work with closer to God. The Canadian Martyrs, also known as the North American Martyrs, were eight Jesuit missionaries from Sainte-Marie among the Hurons. They were ritually tortured and killed... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Family is one of the most beautiful and powerful aspects of our lives. The love, memories, experiences, traditions, emotions ... in many instances make us who we are. The purpose of our third pillar is to strengthen family bonds & enhance team unity. Click on image to watch... Read more
The Diocese of Harrisburg has announced that it will partner with SportsLeader to implement a Catholic virtue-based formation program for coaches. Harrisburg is the first diocese to incorporate the program as a whole across all of its high schools. “The Diocese uses sport as a context for... Read more
SportsLeader Conference November 15-17, 2016 in Champaign, IL. Click here for more information. Do you have a vision of what you would like your athletics ministry to look like 4 years from now? Do you have an intentional, strategic plan to accomplish goals in order to reach that vision? This... Read more
SportsLeader DSM's & Coaches, Prayer is an essential part of our lives as Catholic Christians. Prayer is talking, listening, reflecting, contemplating, praising, thanking ... to/with God. Prayer is also an important part of our Catholic Identity pillar. Here is a prayer that you could pray... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader will be hosting a conference for chaplains, campus ministers and directors of sports ministry November 15-17, 2016 in Champaign, IL. One of our many featured speakers will be Father Chase Hilgenbrinck. Fr Chase was a professional soccer player and is now a Priest... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Fr. John Riccardo , Pastor of Our Lady Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI, recently partnered with SportsLeader. Fr. John is a nationally renowned speaker with a weekly radio program titled Christ is the Answer . Before the initial coaches training he gave this introductory speech to... Read more
As a new school year and sports season begins it is good to remember that we need to communicate well in order to live our virtue this week: Cooperation. At times, the person with which it is hardest to communicate with during our coaching season is our spouse. We are putting in very long hours, we... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Clarksville Indiana Our Lady of Providence High School Baseball team won it's first baseball state championship this past season. It was also the first boys state championship in school history. Jay Lorenz’s squeeze bunt scored pinch runner Jake Katchur in the bottom... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader conference for Chaplains, Campus Ministers and Directors of Sports Ministry November 15-17, 2016 co-hosted by the St. John's Catholic Newman Center of Champaign, IL. Come learn how SportsLeader can help you integrate the Catholic faith into your athletic and... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader has recently partnered with a number of schools all over the country. Our first school from California is Sacramento St. Francis . We asked Athletic Director Mark McGreevy, "What convinced you?" He said, "After reviewing various options, we chose... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for Coach John Wooden from 1967–1969, contributing to the team's three-year record of 88 wins and only two losses. His relationship with Coach lasted the rest of his life. He rushed to the hospital to be at Coach's bedside the day he... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in We recently studied two different Archdioceses in the USA. Both of them had similar stats. Now let's look at the opportunity that team sports presents within each of those Archdioceses. We are in no way trying to downplay the importance of parish youth ministry. Our team is... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in If you have not done so already please click here to complete our coach survey One of the many events from our Catholic Identity Pillar is the SportsLeader Rosary Rally . Last year we had hundreds of teams come together to pray with and for one another all over the country: 25... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in In less than one year, Seton LaSalle Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA has made an incredible impact in the lives of so many by partnering with SportsLeader. Watch the video to find out more. The video was created by Kisker Productions . Principal Lauren Martin and... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in We were blessed to have Indianapolis Colts Right Tackle Joe Reitz join the Roncalli High School football team for the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout recently. The video is his talk to the team after the workout which he sweat through to honor our Lord with them... Read more
SportsLeader has four pillars: Virtue, Mentoring, Ceremony and Catholic Identity. Each pillar has an essential role to play integrating the SportsLeader system into the reality of team sports. Each has the power to make the team experience so much more than just the x's and o's. We were... Read more
These are the videos of the talks from the First Annual SportsLeader Director of Sports Ministry Conference March 30 - April 1, 2016. We will add all of the talks as we are able to post them. Please click on the links to view the talk. Paul Passafiume, President and Co-Founder of SportsLeader, Talk... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Coach Joe Ryan, Head Powerlifting Coach of Ascension Catholic High School in Donaldsonville, LA, and his Girl's team just won the State Championship. He and his athletes wrote testimonials about their season and how the SportsLeader pillars were the turning point in their... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Just a reminder that time is running out on the early bird registration fee for our upcoming SportsLeader Director of Sports Ministry Conference. Click here to register before March 15th. Scottsdale Arizona Notre Dame Prep Head Football Coach Mark Nolan interviewed two of his... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Have you registered for this great opportunity to learn more about Sports & Ministry? Click here We have a number of tremendous speakers at our upcoming conference. One of them is a true American hero: Captain Guy Gruters. Captain Gruters' story is nothing short of... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Jesus was tough, selfless, humble, coachable, 100% all in, dedicated, willing to sacrifice and take one for the team … On top of all that he could heal the sick and the injured, walk on water, produce free food, calm huge and angry crowds … Why wouldn’t you... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Join us at our upcoming Sports and Ministry conference March 30 - April 1 in Cincinnati, OH. I'd like to share some recent experiences with some of our women's teams. Pittsburgh Seton LaSalle lacrosse and Louisville Sacred Heart basketball. Coach Brian Klisavage led his... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Humbling and powerful. This testimonial is from the head wrestling coach at Union County High School in Western KY. This is his 8th State Championship and 3rd in 5 years. He is Catholic and hopes to be able to come to the SportsLeader conference in March. ... Don't miss out... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Click here for the full script on how to do the SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout. John Chick, a professional football player for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, has been a real leader for the charge to bring others closer to Christ this Lent by praying the... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen. Please watch this and show this to your family, your class, your team. Clarification note below. Click on the image to watch video Monty Williams is an incredibly inspiring Christian, Husband, Father and Coach and we... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Dr Santiago Perez de Camino, Director of the Vatican Office of Church and Sport, will be one of the keynote speakers at the SportsLeader Director of Sports Ministry Conference March 30 - April 1 at the Athenaeum of Ohio in Cincinnati. His keynote will be at 7 PM on Wednesday... Read more
Losing is really, really hard. I admit I have been a sore loser myself. I am guilty as charged. We should hate to lose. It is a reflection of hell. We should not want to go there. As most of the world has seen by now, the Broncos won the Super Bowl and the Panthers lost. One of the most powerful... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Who can you share this with? Please share this. We need your help to spread the word! When you share on Twitter please tag us @sportsleaderusa Hi, my name is John Chick. I am going on my 11th season as a professional football player, having spent time on the Houston Texans,... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in We are excited to launch a new challenge this Lent: The SportsLeader Stations of the Cross Workout. Every Lent the Church encourages us to pray the Stations of the Cross. As a team or as an athlete, you are going to work out. Why not combine the two? SportsLeader would like to... Read more
Our virtue of the week this week is Sportsmanship - The strength to adhere to the correct principles of athletic competition at all times. One area of Sportsmanship often overlooked is the respect and honor that we should show during the National Anthem. Virginia Tech head men’s basketball... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader Director of Sports Ministry Conference March 30 - April 1, 2016 The Athenaeum of Ohio – Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West 6616 Beechmont Ave Cincinnati, OH 45230 We encourage every diocese and Catholic school across the country to consider attending... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SAVE THE DATE - DIRECTOR OF SPORTS MINISTRY CONFERENCE MARCH 30-APRIL 1, 2016 AT THOMAS MORE COLLEGE NEAR CINCINNATI OH The SportsLeader Rosary Rally event continues to grow. After having over 20 before the fall season with over 7,000 participants, primarily football teams, we... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Please keep us in your prayers today as SportsLeader is being featured on EWTN's Life on the Rock show to air on November 27th at 8 PM. Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the diocese of Phoenix recently wrote a letter to men encouraging them in the battle that is raging around us. It... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6) CLICK ON IMAGE: to view classic scene from Bruce Almighty when Bruce learns how to REALLY present his requests to... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ClICK ON IMAGE: to view classic scene of real TEAM... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "Confession has been my habitual homecoming since I was a child. It is a consolation and a joy, and such joy, our faith teaches us, is meant for everyone. It is our vocation to bring it to as many people as possible." Cardinal Donald Wuerl It's important to ask... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader was recently featured in a story by the Pontifical Council for the Laity. Please click on the image below to view the article. May God bless you in all of your efforts to bring your coaches and athletes closer to Christ through sports. Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd... Read more
SportsLeader has been at the forefront of Catholic ministry in sports for over eleven years now. Most recently SportsLeader has been promoting a new position called the Director of Sports Ministry. We are working with multiple dioceses in an effort to beta test this new position. Our desire is for... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in With Pope Francis visiting the USA this week, we thought that it would be opportune to share some of his thoughts on sports. Please share this with all of your coaches, athletes and parents. Pope Francis knows that sports, done properly, can bring our families, schools,... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in I would like to share some information with you about an initiative we are promoting called the SportsLeader Rosary Rally. Our first rally was July 31, 2014 in Cincinnati with 440 Catholic HS football players and coaches plus 110 parents. Since then we have had 20 more rallies... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Kids can teach us adults many lessons. Here is a poignant example of that in this video: Strive for excellence but do it with virtue, class and respect. If 12 year olds can do it, so can we! Coaching is hard on many families. The long hours can take its toll on the spouse and... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in During one of my trips this week, I got to spend some time with a good friend of mine Marty Rotella. Marty is a singer/song-writer and a retired teacher. He is extremely talented and a man of great wisdom. He shared a story with me that I in turn would like to share with you. A... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in We have been blessed to lead four more SportsLeader Rosary Rallies this past week in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Louisville. Inspiring, encouraging, hope-filled, moving ... all understatements. Each rally unique and powerful while at the same time all the same following a... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in SportsLeader Rosary Rally # 8 of the 2015 tour: Atlanta. 3 teams: Blessed Trinity, St Pius & Holy Spirit 220 coaches and players Vocations Director 4 Priests Campus Ministry Personnel Photographer- Writer from Archdiocesan paper Family that sent video to local news station... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in At the SportsLeader Rosary Rally in Columbus on July 26th we were blessed to have two young men from the Buckeye football program, Bryce Haynes and Joe Burger, join us to share their testimonials about how they live their Catholic faith. I strongly encourage you to share these... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in Coaches, We had our first three SportsLeader Rosary Rallies of our 2015 National Tour. So thus far for the 3 rosary rallies we have had approximately 560 players from 15 teams. St Louis, MO with 4 teams: St Marys, Helias Catholic, Tolton Catholic and Valle Catholic Kansas City... Read more
As a coach do you talk about our Lord with your players? Do you say His name - Jesus? Do you encourage your players to follow His virtuous example? Athletes want to be tough, physical, capable, determined … Our Lord was all of those virtues. He is THE BEST example of any virtue you can think... Read more
As we’ve communicated with coaches recently setting up the SportsLeader Rosary Rallies, I’ve met some amazing coaches. We have 18 rallies confirmed by now all over the country. One in particular is Mark Nolan, the head football coach of Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a... Read more
HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel did a recent show about collegiate athletics. It was a little disturbing to say the least. One of the segments was about the abuse college athletes receive from their coaches. The findings are also applicable for the HS and youth levels. Click on image to watch... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back; For the strength of the pack is the wolf... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in I think there's nothing more amazing than helping people every day. Naomie Harris CLICK ON IMAGE: to view short film: "Honk if you Love Someone!" We all know that we are supposed to help other people. We know we are supposed to treat others like family, the way we... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "Your competition is not other people but the time you kill, the ill will you create, the knowledge you neglect to learn, the connections you fail to build, the health you sacrifice along the path, your inability to generate ideas, the people around you who don't... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "Where there is no vision, there is no hope." George Washington Carver CLICK ON IMAGE: to view how TMB Panyee soccer became a reality in Thailand. Challenges, obstacles, adversity......words that we hear and have to deal with on a daily basis. They come so frequently... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in "I don't think I would have been able to stick with it and been proud of who I am and be feminine out on the court. I think I would have folded to the peer pressure if I didn't have my mom to encourage me to be me and be proud of how tall I am." Lisa Leslie... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D. Hull CLICK ON IMAGE; to view a classic father-son scene from the powerful movie- Pursuit of Happyness High schools across the country are preparing for the... Read more
Like Tweet Pin +1 in The deep pain that is felt at the death of every friendly soul arises from the feeling that there is in every individual something which is inexpressible, peculiar to him alone, and is, therefore, absolutely and irretrievably lost. Arthur Schopenhauer Tragedy struck a local... Read more
Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Mattie Stepanek The students at Thomas More College in Northern Kentucky are working hard to improve their UNITY and STRENGTH. For the past 6 months they have been working TOGETHER as teams in... Read more
"Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength." HENRY WARD BEECHER CLICK ON IMAGE: to view famous scene of Gary and Julius in Remember the Titans. Communication, indeed, is the essence and strength of all great TEAMS! Ask any coach and he/she will tell you that... Read more
1. July 19 St Louis, MO 2. July 22 Kansas City, KS 3. July 26 Columbus, OH 4. July 28 Dayton, OH 5. July 29 Cleveland, OH 6. July 30 Cincinnati , OH 7. July 31 Louisville, KY 8. August 5 Atlanta, GA 9. August 9 Cincinnati, OH Grade School 10. August 11 Pittsburgh, PA 11. August 11 Harrisburg PA 12... Read more