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As Mother Nature works her magic once again this spring, the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the warm weather returns. The change of seasons and the impending finish of the school year will bring many of us to visions of a warm beach, days at the pool, or a morning to sleep in. The joy that... Read more
By Rebecca Dussault Professional Skier One of the greatest symbols of sport is beheld within the Catholic Church itself and it’s the late, (Great!) Holy Father John Paul II. Through the many years of his episcopate and papacy he made a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of athletes and... Read more
It is amazing the wonderful people I come into contact with almost on a daily basis. Philip Ryan is another example. An outstanding soccer player, a great student ... a phenomenal young man from a great family. He loves to share his story of how God did something pretty special in his life. About... Read more
The SportsLeader Coach Of Uncommon Strength award is a national award given once annually to a coach who goes well beyond the call of duty in mentoring and serving his players. We chose this award because it symbolizes one of the most extraordinary, uncommon and STRONG acts of all time: Jesus... Read more
By: Steve Frommeyer, Principal and Head Football Coach, Eminence High School, Eminence, KY Someone from a public school said to me recently that they did not need Sportsleader because their school had FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We have FCA at Eminence and Sportsleader and the programs... Read more
By Troy Stoops Principal, John F. Kennedy High School - Mt. Angel, Oregon It is an understatement to say that working with youth in today’s society is less than challenging. Public schools continue to assume increasing responsibility for preparing students for a successful and productive future... Read more
Here is a letter from the Indianapolis Roncalli High School girls softball team. This is a great example of recognizing that compassion and competition can mix well. Congrats to all of their coaches and players. What a tremendous example! In my 5 years at Roncalli I have been very blessed to see... Read more
A few weeks ago a local high school athlete died in a Spring Break accident. He was a great athlete, fine student, well-liked friend and son and he had earned a college athletic scholarship. So many people could not believe the news. How could such a thing happen? I was one of those mourners. What... Read more
Most coaches have strength and conditioning programs in the off-season to help their players grow bigger, faster and stronger. We do as well. But how about doing something to also build up their souls? We have a small core group, intentionally so for start-up purposes, in order that this “... Read more
By Randy Traeger Head Football Coach Oregon As a coach, you are on the front lines, so it’s probably no news to you that today’s kids act more “entitled” than they used to. Isn’t it nice when scientific study backs up what’s happening in real life. A new study by San Diego State... Read more
The past few days we have talked about priorities. This particular school district is an example of losing sight of what education and sports are really about. Texas school set to begin work on $60M stadium Dallas Jackson, Rivals High Senior Analyst Just in case you forgot how important high school... Read more
By Rebecca Dussault Ever traveled with your team or family for sport and had to miss mass on Sunday? Did you feel as though perhaps you’re priorities were twisted? This is an experience I had when traveling in Europe as a teenager with the U.S. Ski Team. I always longed to greet Our Lord at Mass... Read more
Our marriage should be one of our top priorities. Strengthening and renewing our love for our spouse should be something we do often. The marriage renewal is an opportunity to do just that. The Roncalli High School football staff made this a priority, not all of the coaches could attend but those... Read more
From: Steve Frommeyer, Principal and Head Football Coach, Eminence High School, Eminence, KY It is that time of year again! Spring! Easter was absolutely beautiful! Spring break, spring sports, prom season, and graduation are all happening very quickly. Summer is right around the corner. It is a... Read more
By Rebecca Dussault There are a couple key ingredients to each sport whether you play on a team or compete as an individual. A few of the most important are conditioning, nutrition and rest. These are beneficial to humans as we try to excel physically and reach our potential. These key things all... Read more
By Dan Duddy Head Football Coach NJ In 1906 the game of football legally changed in a way that it otherwise wouldn’t sell a 10 second commercial today. We wouldn’t know the phrase “Montana to Rice” nor would we cringe watching old highlights of the “Assassin”, Jack Tatum. Funny thing is... Read more
By Chris Willertz A few years ago I got a call from a former player I had coached. Jason was a decent player (I only coached him his freshmen and sophomore years before I moved to another school). He was around 5 foot 4 inches, 135 lbs., but was a motivated young player. Anyways, Jason now had just... Read more
By Randy Traeger Head Football Coach, Oregon In this era when the post modern relative media bombards today’s youth with iniquitous images and sounds, sports stand out as an important counteractive tool to teach virtue. Our kids are feeding their minds out of the media’s garbage can of content... Read more
By Kevin Larkin Head Basketball Coach, Kentucky Coaches, We read about many examples of Virtuous men; from the SportsLeader playbook to stories we read about in the news that are usually at the extreme edge of doing good works. How many times have you looked at your own life and found examples to... Read more
By: Steve Frommeyer, Principal... Read more
Remember that 60 Minutes show on American Samoa? If not click on the link to watch a short video Kennedy High School Offensive Coordinator Jeff Seiler saw the 60 Minutes show on American Samoa... Read more
Richard Essex /Eyewitness News Lebanon - There are football coaches, and then there are coaches who teach more than football. Kent Wright, the head football coach at Lebanon High School, is leading about half of his varsity team into a disaster area for a lesson for life. "I decided a long time ago... Read more
Sunday night, March 28 th , 2010 was a great night! Several SportsLeader coaches and their wives met for dinner to celebrate a hard-fought season. But the purpose was greater than that……it was to celebrate the wives; celebrate the devotion and support coaches’ wives give to their men during... Read more
To: The Sportsleader Family From: Steve Frommeyer, Principal and Head Football Coach Eminence High School - Eminence, KY First, I would like to thank Lou Judd for giving me the opportunity to share some thoughts with the Sportsleader Family on a regular basis. SportsLeader and Lou have both been a... Read more
Over the weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to attend one of the most inspiring SportsLeader events ever - The Coaches Marriage Renewal. It was beautiful to be able to attend something with my wife. We were 7 couples, 1 Priest and 1 young man who is giving a year as a volunteer. 5 couples... Read more
By Randy Traeger Head Football Coach Oregon Speak it into Existence I had been coaching about 10 years and our teams had had moderate success. We were average, ever looking for the secret formula that would propel our program to the next level. A state contender. Then one day, it dawned on us... Read more
B y Rebecca Dussault Skiing and Triathlon World Class Athlete Everyone has felt the dread of competition upon themselves be it for a spot in the school play, a game or race, a job opportunity, a chance to head a committee or even to be the victor at the end of the board game. We want the good... Read more
By Dan Duddy Head Football Coach NJ We have been doing “Virtue” for four years now and I thought I would reflect on the growth and evolution of it. I am entering my 5 th season as head coach at a Catholic school in NJ. I was head coach at Central Regional High School, a public high school just... Read more
B y Chris Willertz Head Wrestling Coach, Cincinnati OH Why invite a group of senior boys (wrestlers in my case) on a 5 hour trip to climb a mountain?? What does this have to do with wrestling? We do our “senior week” at the end of our season on campus. How much did it cost?! You gave up a... Read more
Have you ever done something special with your Seniors (or 8th graders) as kind of a send-off? I remember watching the movie Friday Night Lights ... one of the last scenes is the head coach taking all of his Senior names from their magnets and throwing them one by one in the garbage ... what a way... Read more
Valvano was diagnosed with bone cancer in June 1992. Shortly before his death, he spoke at the inaugural ESPY awards, presented by ESPN, on March 3, 1993. While accepting the inaugural Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award, he announced the creation of the "Jimmy V Foundation", an organization... Read more
SportsLeader now has a girl's version as well. Head Football Coach and Principal Steve Frommeyer has been running SportsLeader at his public high school and middle school in Eminence, KY for a few years now and when he heard about the girls program he wanted to see if he would have any takers ..... Read more
Congrats to Head Coach Jeff Gaier. Cincinnati Moeller High School and SportsLeader graduate Germane Lindsey became Moeller High School's first ever Division I College Wrestling All American over the weekend by finishing 6th in the NCAA National Tournament. The top 8 wrestlers in each weight class... Read more
Tim Mackey of Cincinnati OH shares his experience. His son Chad recently won the SportsLeader award at Moeller High School.Read more
By Randy Traeger Head Football Coach, Oregon One of the most powerful concepts that SportsLeader has given us is “The Challenge to be a Strong Man”. How the root of most evil is found in our own selfishness and laziness, and how we men must use our Intellect, Conscience, and WILL to overcome... Read more
By Dan Duddy Head Football Coach NJ I was driving along today and for some reason I remembered something that happened when I was about 19 years old. That was 33 years ago for me. I mean flashbacks happen all the time, but it became so connected to the present, and some pretty freaky revelations... Read more
Jeff Gaier, Head Wrestling Coach at Cincinnati Moeller High School, made some SportsLeader history today. He created the first ever team SportsLeader award. It has become such an integral part of their program that it was the first award handed out at the ceremony. The recipient was Senior Chad... Read more
A friend of mine, Coach Ed Jamieson, recommended a book to me a while back - "The Difference a Father Makes" by Ed Tandy McGlasson. It's pocket-sized and only 122 pages. There is a part that inspired me to write being that today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She turns 5. We're not old enough... Read more
Coaches, I am honored to introduce you to our first team in California. It is awesome seeing this grow around the country and the world. Here is a note from their head coach and some photos. Luis is an amazing example - he is just getting started and is already promoting it to others as much as he... Read more
Fallacies of Worldly Success for Men. There are also videos for women if you click on Weekly Gospel videos under recommended links. 1. Overemphasis of their personal status - the status of their job vs the State of their family 2. Overemphasis of fulfilling their earthly passions vs fulfilling... Read more
Moeller High School in Cincinnati is SportsLeader's first Rugby team. They had a team retreat recently where they had some fun and put together some core resolutions that all wanted to work on together. SportsLeader's core virtues for season 1 are Charity, Humility and Courage. Season 2 2, which is... Read more
Coaches, Many of you may remember that Kennedy High School FB team from Mt Angel, OR raised $10,000 to build a home for a family in Peru last year ... 5 players also went down over Christmas break to paint the house. Their goal is to do it again. Last Saturday they hosted a fundraiser dinner and... Read more
Coaches, I am extremely honored to possibly introduce you to Rebecca Dussault, one of the very first SportsLeader Women athletes. She is a wife, mother and ski racer. A tremendous woman of faith and virtue. She was kind enough to share this testimony with us. Her husband Sharbel also very... Read more
How about an off-season retreat to forge your coaches and players in virtue and leadership. Think outside the box. Here is an example. If you would like some help let us know. This is a faith-based example. You can have a virtue-based one as well.Read more
Drew Page of Paris High School Football recently did SportsLeader very proud. He and some friends of his decided that they wanted to help the people in Haiti. Their solution: Peanut Butter. Drew took it upon himself to approach local businesses in his hometown of Paris Kentucky and ask them if he... Read more
Coach Tom Nelson of Nazareth Academy in Chicago introduces Mike Williams to give his testimony to a group of coaches on how SportsLeader has helped him. Mike was a Senior Linebacker this past season, 2009, and is looking forward to playing college football.Read more
Coach Chris Willertz shares that he cares about his players whether or not they wrestle well - that his purpose is to help them become great men. He is not there to use them.Read more
Dave Wirth and Todd Naumann, football coaches at Covington Catholic High School spoke to a local Conquest club about virtue, obedience and prayer.Read more
Coaches, The below testimony lifted my spirits more than I can tell. Striving to transform the culture of sports is tough at times but this is the reason why we sacrifice, why we coach, why we work with young men. I invite you to ask yourself: How many young men on my team could/would write the... Read more
Coaches, Another awesome event. Archbishop Moeller High School's wrestling team hosted a Father - Senior Son singlet night, with an interesting twist. The event was a complete surprise for the 8 Seniors. They also had no idea that their head coach, Jeff Gaier, had a new personalized wrestling... Read more
Jan. 17, 2010 American Samoa: Football Island Scott Pelley Reports on Why More NFL Players Come from This Tiny Group of Islands Than from Any Other Place in America (CBS) There's a small community that produces more players for the NFL than anyplace else in America. It isn't in Texas, or Florida or... Read more
To Uganda or Bust - Regnum Christi How an 8-year-old boy’s resolve made it possible for an African Legionary to visit his family. Nate's first fundraiser, a candy sale, raised ten dollars in a week. By Br Russell Ward, LC My name is Br Russell Ward, and I am studying to be a missionary priest... Read more
#1 The greatest gift you can give your children is a great marriage #2, Reasonable expectations: #3 Unity and Justice #4 Necessary Space Read more Read more
Coaches, Just in case you didn't stay up last night till the very end ... Colt McCoy gave this interview on the field after the BCS National Championship game ... He was injured early and was not able to play ... I cannot say enough about the class of this young man. His perspective ... You should... Read more
Got another inspiring phone call from a coach. Chris Willertz went on a men's retreat a few weeks back and ever since he had been thinking of a creative way to get this wrestlers involved with some community service. The inspiration came: Shovels. The wrestlers will keep the shovels at the end of... Read more
Jerry Rutherford, head football coach at Eastwood High School in Northern Ohio, shared a very proud moment with me this morning. His son Craig won the Humanitarian Award over Christmas break. Craig is a senior long snapper on the Bowling Green State University football team, a math major who... Read more
Dungy defines a winning life By COURTNEY CAIRNS PASTOR Published: December 31, 2009 TAMPA - Practice hard and play to win, but keep the competition in perspective. "Run to win," former Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy told players Wednesday morning at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast,... Read more
Coaches, Right before Christmas, Chris Willertz, the head wrestling coach at Winton Woods High School, offered a great leadership opportunity to his wrestlers. It has become a tradition with his program and it is voluntary. It consists of 3 days, 1,000 reps each day - hence the title 3,000. The... Read more
Coaches, I pray that you are having a wonderful and fruitful CHRISTmas season and are off to a great New Year. Here below are the verses Tim Tebow has worn on his eye black over the past two seasons. For the National Championship game last year close to 94 MILLION people searched for John 3:16 on... Read more
TKC! I got a letter in the mail today from a SportsLeader coach in Oregon. His team made it to the State Championship final ... In his letter he very aptly put: "Lou, Thought you would enjoy some info on our season. Also ... our team got a big silver trophy ... I got this letter from a parent ... I... Read more
I liked this article and the videos (click on the link) because of the example that Myron Rolle provides for young people: a great athlete who is a great student as well, a young man who has a detailed vision and dream for his life that goes beyond sports or simply "going to college". There are... Read more
Have you ever lost sleep wondering what a partridge and a pear tree have to do with Christmas? Probably not - but just in case ... God bless and Merry CHRISTmas , Lou 1. On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me... A... Read more
Truly great people are not defined by what they take but by what they give . American sprinter Shawn Crawford took a giant leap toward greatness at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As a 2004 Olympic gold medalist, Crawford had taken the victory lap and heard the roar of the crowd before. He earned... Read more
Coaches, I wanted to give you a heads up about our SportsLeader Coaches Clinic. It will be Saturday April 24th. This will be our 4th annual clinic. When: Saturday April 24, 2010 Time: Arrival 9 AM and Departure 7:30 PM Where: Camp River Ridge, Oldenburg, IN - about an hour in between Cincinnati and... Read more
A leader is able to make the right decision in a very difficult situation. Here is an example of that leadership in action. God bless, Lou Anthony DiCarlo Anthony DiCarlo possesses sight far beyond his eyes. The Anderson University (... Read more
During this time of year we can all get caught up it the hustle and bustle and forget the true meaning of what Christmas is all about. An 8th grader in one of our programs gave us all an amazing example recently. His parents had decided to give him a birthday party. He told them, "I've received... Read more
Profile: Tobin Heath University of North Carolina's soccer standout Tobin Heath raises the bar for the Tar Heels through her talent and God-centered character. By Dave Pond At the University of North Carolina, there’s an old saying passed down from generation to generation: “If God isn’t a... Read more
I found this article to be very insightful. I put two parts in bold/blue just in case you do not have time to read the whole thing. God bless, Lou Teaching Teens: The Risk of Education by Rev. Dwight Longenecker 12/01/09 We were... Read more
Coaches, 3 different excerpts about Tim Tebow and a question for each. God bless, Lou From Pat Forde of "I've never seen anything like it," Florida coach Urban Meyer said. "… He's made unselfish kind of a cool thing." What... Read more
Men, I thought this was a great reflection to help us prepare for Christ's coming at Christmas. God bless, Lou What's My Purpose? Consider a hammer. It's designed to hit nails. That's what it was created to do. Now imagine that the... Read more
Men, I thought these were all good ideas to share. God bless, Lou 25 CHARACTERISTICS OF A HUSBAND WHO TRULY LOVES AND SERVES THE NEEDS OF HIS WIFE By: Dr. Robert Lewis 1. Includes his wife in envisioning the future. 2. Accepts... Read more
Remember that team I told you about that raised $10,000 to build a house for a family in Peru? Click on the link for more info Read more
Coaches, This is a reminder of how short life is. We know not the hour ... May we live every day serving God and others with all our heart. God bless, Lou Assistant Eastern Illinois football coach dies in car crash The Associated... Read more
Case Keenum - University of Houston QB "I found out real quickly when I got out on my own that I can't do it on my own," Keenum said. "I can't deal with all the stresses of being a college football player and an athlete and a student, a Christian, a role model and all this stuff on my own. I need... Read more
One of our SportsLeader teams just finished their season 6-4. At the close-out coaches meeting, a first year coach approached the head coach and said: "Coach, can I talk to you for a minute. I want to say thank you .. I want you to know I had Jesus in my life a long time ago and I strayed away and... Read more
You never know what your athletes will turn out to be ... and how much you impacted them ... God bless, Lou Judd Preflight Interview: Barry E. "... Read more
Pam Tebow offers hope to women facing challenges Talks about what she was thinking when Tim was hurt in Kentucky game By KRISTEN KITCHEN Witness Correspondent Published November 5, 2009 TAMPA (FBW)—In that one terrifying moment when Pam Tebow watched her son, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow,... Read more
Well, our little parish couldn’t pull off the upset over the stacked OLSH team to advance to the City Championship game. Our kids played valiantly though and walked away with their heads held high. We lost 34-14 but the score wasn’t any indication of how close of a game it was. We were stopped... Read more
Coaches, Very often we talk about players stepping up and taking ownership of the team - truly being leaders. I would like to recognize two such players. TJ Cooper (left in the photo) and Dre Banta. TJ is a Senior RB, and one of the best in the state of KY I might add, and Dre is a Junior QB. Both... Read more
Coaches, Below is a testimony and a note from his chaplain. As you can see amazing things are happening in the lives of young athletes due to mentoring. God bless, Lou Thy Kingdom Come! Dear Friends in Christ, Good morning! Midn. Greg Zingler helped found the LTP program during his middle school... Read more
Thy Kingdom Come! Dear E, I pray that this letter finds you well and that this retreat will be a turning point in your life. I hope that you do not find it too presumptuous of me to write you this letter ... You are truly blessed to have such faith-filled and loving parents. As teenagers we... Read more
Coaches, I'm sure many of you have similar emails ... Thank you for all you do. I received this email yesterday. I have been a little tired this week and I think God made this happen to “super-charge” my spiritual batteries. Why do we coach? This is why…… Dear, Coach Traeger I’m very... Read more