The SportsLeader Blog Coaching, On and Off the Field BY TRENT BEATTIE October 25-31, 2009 Issue | Posted 10/16/09 at 3:13 PM Paul Mainieri knows all about the World Series — the College World Series, that is. In June of this year, the Louisiana State... Read more
Coaches, Below is a message from a coach to his former players. They may not be playing for you anymore - but they may need you more than ever before. God bless, Lou Had some tragic news on Saturday, a former student committed suicide and died. She was a wonderful, beautiful young lady. I don't... Read more Faith, football and a fatherly instinct: Father John Hollowell knows joy and passion as a priest, teacher and coach By John Shaughnessy Michael Timko couldn’t believe it at first. Then a huge smile spread across the face of the... Read more
Coaches, Here is a good news story from Nashville, TN. Great things are happening around the country. Be sure to let me know about the transformations in your program so we can encourage one another. God bless, Lou Just wanted to share a quick story with you regarding charity. As you know our... Read more
Coaches, As I was praying and reading this morning, I came across a page that really smacked me between the eyes. I thought I would share it with you ... It's not what God is not giving, but what He is giving. In July my family and I were canoeing the Snake River in Teton National Park. We... Read more
Coaches, This weekend I had the honor of being with the Wilmington College soccer team. They are coached by Bud Lewis. Bud Lewis begins his 34th season at the helm of one of the nation’s most successful and respected programs. With 433 career victories, Lewis is the seventh-winningest coach in... Read more
Coaches, I found this interview to be ripe with perspective. You may want to make copies for your players. God bless, Lou What makes miracles? Work "Do you believe in miracles?" sports announcer Al Michaels asked... Read more
Coaches, A SportsLeader coach held his father/son jersey night last week. His opening words are below. God bless, Lou RESOLVE Here on our team our mission is “resolve”or convictions. The crux of manhood, and the deficiency in our youth is just that. I don’t feel that our kids, in this society... Read more
Coaches, Jim DeJoy, head football coach of the Sycamore 7th grade football team, has been having an exceptional season. His players have bought into virtue to a degree that has truly impressed him, his staff and the teachers. Jim is a teacher as well, In years past, it would be "normal" for him to... Read more
Coaches, Many of you have met a great friend of mine, Coach Chris Willertz. He makes an amazing effort to stay in contact with his former players. Every week he sends them a little note. Here are the first 3 from this year. How about you start this tradition? God bless, Lou WEEK 3: SUFFERING FOR A... Read more
Coaches, Please share this with your assistant coaches. Mike Williams is a Senior Linebacker at Nazareth Academy High School near Chicago, IL. He is the defensive leader of his team. His life has been turned around this year due to the generous and dedicated heart of one of his assistant football... Read more
Coaches, Below is a note a head football coach sent to his varsity staff this past Friday morning. He is a 4 time state champion and his team has 4 games under their belt. If things have not gotten off to the start you originally planned ... it is never too late to try again. If I can help in any... Read more
Coaches, Please share this with your assistant coaches - if you believe worthwhile. I attended a full Friday high school football game this week: Pre-game meal all the way to the loading of the buses - with a truck ride home with an assistant coach. This is what I learned: Coaches need to use their... Read more
I just want to encourage you ... Over the years I have observed many coaches and this is a point in the season that becomes crucial especially for the Head Coach but also the Assistant coaches ... habits begin to form ... emotions begin to take over ... the season in some respects begins "to slip... Read more
I think this is a great example to talk with your players about - selflessness and sacrifice. Maybe you can make copies of this, talk about it and then send it home with the players to think about ... God bless, Lou Eulls saves 22 lives from... Read more
A SportsLeader high school football team from Mt Angel, Oregon is doing something very special: they are building a house for a family in need. They wanted to put the virtue of charity into practice and they wanted to do something "big". They teamed up with an organization that can build a very... Read more
God works in mysterious ways. A few weeks ago Ed Johansen, our regional coordinator in the Nebraska-Iowa-Missouri area, decided to come and observe one of our team camps. It was with the Beechwood High School football team from Northern KY. As Ed was waiting for his plane he noticed that Tom... Read more
Yesterday I was blessed to spend the day at Paris High School. In the morning we had a training with most of the athletic staff: AD, HS and MS football coaches, golf, track, basketball and baseball ... What an inspiring group of men. These kids are so blessed to have these men working with them... Read more
Covington Catholic High School, an all boys HS in Northern KY, had a team retreat with SportsLeader this past Saturday. New head coach, Dave Wirth, organized an incredible day for his players combining faith, family, fun, food and football ... Covington Catholic has a great football tradition - 6... Read more If you would like to watch the entire interview you click below Florida Quarterback Tebow Leaves Reporters Speechless: "Yes I am... Read more
Coaches, I received this letter from a parent. Aweome! Dear Lou I am actually the husband of Erin ... She has been writing you in regards to our son's team and the inspiration they have brought out of us the last several months. I know she has given them much due respect and admiration. Yet, I feel... Read more
Coaches, Below is an email I just received from an Assistant Football Coach at Nazareth Academy in Chicago. Tom is the linebackers coach for the Sophomore team and he is writing it to Mike Cemeno, one of the men who has been key in getting SL off the ground in Chicago. God bless, Lou Mike, Thanks... Read more
Coaches, I recommend making copies of this for all your players ... God bless, Lou Read more,4_2_JO06_GSVICTORY_S1-090706.article 'Victory' in baseball -- on... Read more
This week we had another SportsLeader Team Camp. This time with Eastern Hancock High School - a public school east of Indianapolis. They brought 28 players, 4 coaches and 4 dads plus we had 5 other men observe and help in different capacities. Toward the end of the camp I asked them to write what... Read more
I highly recommend forwarding this article to all of your friends, coaches, co-workers, etc. God bless, Lou Read more
FYI From Sports Illustrated This speaks volumes to the need to build men not just "machines" and to train coaches and personnel to really care for the lives of their players ... God bless, Lou I Want My Body Back What happens to the biggest men on campus when their playing days end? Former Oregon... Read more
I had a wonderful experience yesterday ... did a SportsLeader training with a group of High School football coaches from a public high school in western Ohio. They found out about us because they were seeking ways to coach character and virtue more intentionally. They came to the coaches clinic... Read more