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As coaches most of us are always looking for good quotes, stories and other things to motivate our players. Wouldn't it be nice if someone already did the searching for you?

Well we did.

The Strength for Life Coaches Manual is designed for Coaches who would like resources to help them teach virtue and character development qualities to their team.

Sample Virtue Themes:

Bold, Committed, Determined, Iron-Willed, Noble, Loyal, Respectful, Responsible, Tough, Self-Less

There are 72 different virtue themes to choose from so basically anything your team needs - we've got you covered.


Each Theme contains:

Questions for small group discussion 
Progress report on pre-season goal sheet 
Movie Clips 
Quotes and Resolutions to email or text your parents and players

So let's say your team needed to work on being more committed. Well with the manual you have all of that above material at your fingertips.






Commitment – The strength to give your absolute best even if it requires unexpected sacrifices. 




There was a first year cadet at West Point who learned that you can accomplish just about anything when you have real friends who you can really depend on.


There were about thirty plebes, first year cadets, in his particular platoon. They were all divided up three to a room. One day when they were all lined up in front of their dorm in their fatigues an upperclassman barked out an order, “You are all to be back here in full dress uniform in exactly to minutes. Go.”


Now it was pretty much considered physically impossible to run to your room, change from fatigues to full dress, leave your room in order and run back to the line in just two minutes. But we tried. One guy finished first and away he went, then the next and finally the third guy. They were all late and so they had to get in the late line.


An officer approached them and asked, “Why are you late?”


“No excuse, Sir.”


“That’s right, there’s no excuse” But then the more important questions got fired at us.


“Why aren’t you out here with your roommates all together?” “Now listen up. If one of you is late – then all of you are late. It’s not about you getting here on time, it’s about the three of you getting here on time all together as a team. If you work real hard you might make it. Learn to help one another.”


Eventually they learned how to do it. At first they all thought it was physically impossible but once they learned how to work together and help one another – they got it.


“The first time we all made it on time together, man did that feel good. Individually it felt good. But as a team, as a collective unit it felt GREAT! We all went back out to our room and gave each other high fives.”




What have I been putting off for another day?

What sacrifices have my parents made for me?







“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” - Vince Lombardi


Tell your Mom/Dad that you love them.



"What may be done at any time will be done at no time.” -  Scottish Proverb


Thank a teacher or coach



"It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men." – Vince Lombardi


Ask coach how you can improve in an area



“True love will find an outlet in service.” – Billy Graham


Catch up day – do one of the resolutions you missed



“The secret of success is to do common things uncommonly well.” – John Rockefeller, Jr.


Tell your siblings that you love them



“When it comes to the ‘Law of the Price Tag’, I believe there are only two kinds of teams who violate it: those who don’t realize the price of success, and those who know the price but are not willing to pay it.” – John Maxwell


Be happy for your teammates improvement and success



“Service is nothing but love in work clothes.” - Unknown


Admit when you are wrong