Harvard QB Conner Hempel - What Changed My Life

Conner Hempel is the starting QB at Harvard University. He led the Crimsons to a 9-1 record this past season and a share of the Ivy League Championship.

I had the opportunity to visit with Conner recently. He tells the story much better here in this video ...
Three years ago he was one of Harvard’s top recruits.
But he quickly found himself at number 6 on the depth chart for QB’s.
He was going through a very difficult time and many of his dreams and expectations were not playing out as he had hoped.
He approached his position coach, Joel Lamb, and asked if they could have a lay-it-all-on-the-table conversation.
It lasted two hours.
It was the first of many talks.
A plan was put in place and Conner attacked it, step by step.
What impressed Conner the most, what made such an impact in his life, was how Coach Lamb treated him, how he listened to him, how he always had time for him … and this being that he was the 6th string QB.
So many times the only kids who get any love from coaches are the starters, the studs …
The 6th string QB? Not so much.
Now Conner is the starting QB and a heralded one at that.
But Coach Lamb treats him the same exact way - just like he treated him when he was …
Some questions to ask ourselves. Maybe this could be the topic of your next staff meeting:
1. Do I treat every player on my team equally?
2. Do I set out a personal plan of improvement for every player? Their strengths and weaknesses? Goals and a timetable to accomplish some milestones?
3. Do I celebrate growth in every player?
Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd