Why SL?

Why SportsLeader?

We are all very, very busy. Within sports, many times we take the time to plan out our practice schedule, when and how we will teach technique, etc.

But many times we do not make a plan for how we will teach character and virtue to our players. We just "wing it" if you will. 

You might search the internet for stories, ideas, motivational strategies ...

But what if it was all contained in an intentional, structured and strategic plan for you ... Just plug and play.

That is the strength and purpose of SportsLeader. To save you time and provide you with tools, resources and a community of other coaches who are striving to impact lives.


Our society is in greater and greater need of this. Years ago, much of this was taught to kids by their Dads.

Today in the USA there are 24,000,000 kids who live in a home without a Dad.


If we were to ask you: Name the 3 most influential people in your life?

I'm pretty sure a coach would be one of them.


If you are a coach - you could be one of the most influential people in a kid's life!

Doesn't that merit a serious plan?